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Mom’s Touch – Popular Korean Fried Chicken Chain Opens in Singapore on 30 August

30 August

The Korean Wave keeps on coming, whether it’s BTS and Black Pink, K-Fashion or Korean Food. Prepare to welcome the newest contender in Singapore’s Korean food scene – Mom’s Touch. Mom’s Touch, brought to Singapore by No Signboard Holdings, is a cult-favourite Korean fried chicken chain restaurant that has won over the hearts of locals and tourists alike. They will...

7 Popular Halal Fried Chicken Joints That Do Delivery

27 May

We grow up in a time where fast food joints are minutes away from home and—besides burgers and fries—they have sealed our love for fried chicken. The next time you crowd around the TV with your family or sit around games during your group gatherings, refer to our list of 7 popular halal fried chicken joints that do delivery. Then wait for...

This Muslim-Owned Korean Fried Chicken Stall In Tampines Is Clucking Good

5 April

Fried chicken, or more specifically Korean-style fried chicken, is one of those things that can get us excited in a heartbeat. The thought of that golden, crispy skin crackling under the weight of our teeth, all that delicious chicken juices spilling out all over our tongues and better yet, having it dipped in a variety of punchy sauces for an...