Wok Wei Kitchen – S$18 Zi Char Set With Pork Ribs, Sambal Kang Kong & Foo Yong omelette

25 February

Orchard Road is the hot spot for Singaporeans to hang out with their partners, friends and families for a shopping spree. However, being in the area also means that you have to spend a bomb for your meals because most of the options are either restaurants or atas cafes.

With that being said, it can be quite a challenge to look for a place that is pocket-friendly and serves good food, especially in town. Wok Wei Kitchen is a zi char eatery at Far East Plaza which dishes out affordable zi char fare. It has a value-for-money set for 2 pax with 3 dishes at only S$18.

Wok Wei Kitchen Imperial Pork Ribs

We ordered the 2 pax set (S$18) that comes with Imperial Pork Ribs, Fuyong Omelette, Sambal Kangkong and two white rice.

The Imperial Pork Ribs were CRISPY! That was probably the crispiest pork rib we’ve had with sauce ladened all over, we were expecting it to be chewy and tough but the crunchy textures were pleasantly surprising.

Wok Wei Kitchen FuyongOmelette

Foo Yong omelette is a popular Zi Char dish that most people will order. Their rendition came with tiny bits of char siew, imitation crab meat, yellow onions and spring onions. It was nothing to shout about, just a typical omelette but lacked in ingredients. What we liked though, was that it was not oily, but that, of course, sacrificed the element of fluffiness.

Wok Wei Kitchen Kang Kong

The Sambal Kang Kong was so aromatic that we could immediately smell the fragrance of the sambal once it was brought to our table. We had high hopes for this and was not disappointed. It had a nice colour, just enough red to cover the greens, a good crunch and had bits of dried shrimps in it as well.

The sambal was not too spicy, great for those who are low-tolerant in spice, but still had the kick and flavours you are looking for in a good sambal paste. It was simply delicious, kangkong lovers will definitely love this.

Wok Wei Kitchen

We would gladly come back for a fuss-free Zi Char meal here due to its affordability within Orchard Road. The food was enjoyable and the uncle was really friendly as well, we feel that it is a good place to visit for group dining or a quick lunch fix. They have individual rice, noodles and set menus for the office workers and are priced around S$5 to S$6 each.

What we loved about this eatery was also the fact that it cost us less than S$10 per pax (depending on your appetite and selection of dishes) for this amount of food, it is super affordable and worth every penny.

This place is now added on to our go-to list for food options in Orchard Road for budget eats and it might be yours too once you’ve tried it out.

14 Scotts Rd
#05-100/101 Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Tel: +65 6909 7854
Mon to Sun: 11am to 9pm
Nearest Station: Orchard

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