The Pantree – Min Jiang Kueh Cafe With Savoury & Sweet Pancakes in the CBD Area

9 May
The Pantree

Min jiang kueh is usually found in hawker centres with only a handful of flavours to choose from. It is an old-school treat that’s great for breakfast, especially enjoyed by the older generations. It is not something that is commonly found in the CBD area, which is what makes The Pantree stand out.

Within The Heart of Marina One lies The Pantree – a Min Jiang Kueh cafe with a modern, clean and comfortable space for both sweet and savoury min jiang kuehs and coffee. Their menu boasts over 20 different flavours to choose from. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

The Pantree Ham and Egg Pancake

We ordered their Ham & Egg (S$3.50) that was freshly made-to-order, just like all of their other pancakes. It came piping hot, with a firm shell that foreshadowed the crispy treat we were in for.

Now, you must be thinking, “S$3.50 for a min jiang kueh, siao ah?”.

Let us tell you what justified the price. Firstly, the size of this pancake is almost double of the ones you usually get from hawker centres. Secondly, their ingredients tasted of premium quality. The ham used was not the cheap picnic ham you get from the budget bundle in supermarkets. Secondly, the rental is naturally on the higher side since it is in a CBD area. But, you get to enjoy a quick meal at their space.

The Pantree Ham and Egg Stack

Their pancake was aromatic and delicious! Crunchy on the outside yet soft on the inside, it paired well with the lightly-salted ham and egg that balanced out the flavours. Just how a savoury sandwich or waffle would be, their pancake upped the game with its amazing textures.

We would gladly have this for breakfast every day in place of McDonald’s McMuffins, and probably have the Ham, Egg & Cheese (S$4.20) option the next time around for extra savouriness.

The Pantree Peanut Pancake

From the Classic section, we got the Peanut (S$2.50) to compare it with the usual peanut min jiang kuehs. Their peanuts were a little coarser than what a Chinese min jiang kueh stall would normally offer, and did not contain much sugar.

It was nothing much to shout about, but still a decent peanut pancake. We very much preferred the Ham & Egg for something more breakfast-like at just a dollar more.

The Pantree Store Front

Aside from those we ordered, some other special flavours you could try on your visit would be their Nutella & Peanut (S$3.50), Cookie Butter (S$3.50) and Floss, Cheese & Egg (S$5). Grab some coffee or tea (starting from S$2) to go along with your pancake to make it a set.

5 Straits View
#B2-24 The Heart, Marina One Show Gallery
Singapore 018935
Tel: +65 9067 9817
Mon to Fri: 8am – 5pm
Nearest Station: Downtown

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