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10 Vegetarian Hawker Stalls In Singapore To Get Meatless Versions Of Your Favourite Dishes

12 July

If you’re a newly initiated member of the vegetarian community or you’re simply a curious carnivore, we’re here to set you straight. There are vegetarian F&B stalls in Singapore that whip up incredible meatless versions of your beloved hawker delights. We’ve included all your favourites, from satay to oyster omelette. Trust us, they’re legit. Check out these 10 vegetarian hawker stalls in...

Chong Pang Huat – Our Go-To For Satay And Barbecued Chicken Wings

16 November

Perhaps one of the best things to have complementing your meal at a hawker centre is a plate of freshly barbecued chicken wings and satay. Barbecued to golden perfection with crispy burnt bits that never fail to make us grin even though we know it’s bad for us. We aren’t the type to shun away from greasy food and whenever...

8 Lok Lok Places In Singapore That Are Super Shiok!

4 September

When it comes to Lok Lok, there is no denying that the best places to get them are off travelling vans by the streets of bustling Johor Bahru and even Malacca. In fact, we dare say that it is mandatory to have Lok Lok whenever you visit one of the two places. For the uninitiated, Lok Lok is essentially a cross...