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10 Vegetarian Hawker Stalls In Singapore To Get Meatless Versions Of Your Favourite Dishes

12 July

If you’re a newly initiated member of the vegetarian community or you’re simply a curious carnivore, we’re here to set you straight. There are vegetarian F&B stalls in Singapore that whip up incredible meatless versions of your beloved hawker delights. We’ve included all your favourites, from satay to oyster omelette. Trust us, they’re legit. Check out these 10 vegetarian hawker stalls in...

8 Oyster Omelettes In Singapore So Good You Wouldn’t Just Want Them As Side Dishes

6 February

Fried oyster omelette, or as the locals call it, orh ah jian, is a savoury dish that you can easily find in hawker centres all over Singapore. Juicy, fresh oysters atop a bed of crispy egg batter fried to perfection, this delicacy is definitely hard to resist! The ingredients of oyster omelette are always the same, so what makes each of...