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12 Buffets To Satiate Your Need To Pig Out For S$20 And Below

4 September

Very rarely do we find ourselves able to indulge in a full-on feast here in Singapore without a hefty price tag to come with it. Yet, unknown to many, there actually is quite a number of relatively cheaper options for one to eat to their heart’s content under a budget. Sure, they may not be lavish, let alone the sort...

Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese – Mookata With Incredible Truffle and Rainbow Cheese Dips

22 February

A fairly new addition to Geylang’s cluster of eateries is Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese—a Thai mookata-forward restaurant that is quite possibly the first of its kind to boast a stunning array of tantalising, innovative cheese dips along with the traditional Thai-style barbecue. Their buffet menu features a whole host of options from salmon, scallops to even jumbo prawns. More premium items to...