The Cheapest And Priciest Cities To Buy Beer – Singapore Is The 3rd Most Expensive

2 April

Travel comparison website GoEuro has calculated the average cost of a 33cl beer bottle based on bar and supermarket prices across 70 cities in the world and it is interesting to see the stark disparity between the cheapest and the priciest city to buy beer. The difference is almost six folds!

The average price of a beer purchased in Bratislava – the capital of Slovakia – costs only £1.14 (the cheapest in the world), while the average price of a beer bought in Swiss city Lausanne is at £6.59 (the priciest in the world). Read on to find out what the other cheapest/priciest cities are.


Bratislava – the capital of Slovakia – has been declared as the cheapest city in the world to buy beer. Each 33cl beer bottle is priced at £1.14 and this is the city where beer is cheaper than water. Can we migrate to Bratislava already?


The capital of South Africa and Polish city Krakow are also two of the world’s cheapest cities to purchase beer. At just £1.29 per 33cl beer bottle, we honestly think that these two destinations would probably make a great vacation.



The capital of Mexico is an ideal paradise for beer guzzlers. 33cl beer bottles are affordably priced at £1.47 on average. While it isn’t the cheapest place on earth to purchase beer, it is still 2.7 times cheaper than Singapore’s rates.

OSLO (£3.85)

Alright, now let’s move on to the priciest cities. Norway is notorious for its high standard of living, which is unsurprising why its capital, Oslo, is selling beer at an average of £3.85. Think that’s pricey? Well, that’s not even the priciest of this listicle!



Singapore clinches the third most expensive city in the world to purchase beer and that’s not surprising, considering how Singapore has been ranked by experts as the most expensive city in the world for three consecutive years.

HONGKONG (£4.31)

Hong Kong is the second priciest city in the world to buy beer and we pretty much expected it to be. After all, Hong Kong is the most expensive city for expats to live in. The drinking culture here is admittedly one of the strongest in Asia, yet the price of beers ain’t stopping the boozy parties.

LAUSANNE (£6.59)

Lausanne – a city in Switzerland – is the most expensive city in the world to purchase beer. Priced at £6.59 each, drinking is seriously an exorbitant affair for frequent drinkers. Perhaps abstinence might be a way better option if living in this Swiss city.

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