7 Places in Singapore To Get Ramen For Under S$10

29 April

Come a rainy day and all your mind can think about is a comforting bowl of ramen to warm your bellies and satisfy you. However, not everyone can afford S$20 bowl of ramen, especially on a frequent basis. Let’s face it—to find ramen that is affordable is a feat on its own but to find one of decent quality at that price...

Don & Bento – S$6 Blow-Torched Mentaiko Salmon Don At Beauty World

26 April

Over the years, a huge number of Japanese eateries have been sprouting up in Singapore. From bakeries to restaurants, the increasing number just serves as an indication of how much Singaporeans love Japanese food. Among them is Don&Bento, a hawker stall located at Beauty World Food Centre which serves Japanese rice bowls at wallet-friendly prices.

Naughty Boyz – Singapore’s Only Pop-Up Mac & Cheese Stall With Innovative Flavours

24 April

Every school has that bunch of kids who are labelled by teachers and schoolmates as the “naughty” ones. These are the children who are constantly standing outside classrooms and perceived to have no ambition other than to wreak havoc. 25-year-old Rashid, the founder of Muslim-owned Naughty Boyz was one of those students whom teachers thought wouldn’t make it far in...

Victor Famous Fried Chicken Wing Rice – Carona Fried Chicken Lost And Found

24 April

Victor Famous Fried Chicken Wing Rice is a hawker gem lost and found. Previously known as Carona Fried Chicken some thirty over years ago, this stall was a household name back in those days renown for their, well, Carona fried chicken. Originally run by Victor himself, Carona Fried Chicken gradually met its demise after Victor sold the franchise. Though operations expanded,...

8 Places In Singapore To Get Scrumptious And Affordable Donburi Below S$10

22 April

When it comes to meals that’ll fill you up, one can count on a hearty donburi to do the job. Donburis are essentially Japanese rice bowls that are topped with ingredients such as fish, meat and vegetables. While many restaurants sell their bowls of donburi at exorbitant prices, there are places out there that do sell them at incredibly wallet-friendly...

12 Places In Singapore For Amazing Local Desserts

20 April

When it comes to dessert, we love our waffles, our bingsu and our soft serve. But when it comes to the traditional sweet treats of old, ones that see a myriad of syrups dolloped over shaved ice, a marriage of canned fruit and an assortment of jelly-like delights, few come close in comparison. There’s just something so delightful heartwarming about a...

Hock Hai Curry Chicken Noodle — Skip The Bowls Of Laksa And Have This Instead

14 April

Tucked away in a corner of Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre is Hock Hai Curry Chicken Noodle. This humble stall can easily be spotted by its long, snaking queues. The stall has been around for a really long time and its booming business is a clear testament of how the quality of noodles served here has remained consistently good. We ordered...

Song Zhou Luo Buo Gao – Black Carrot Cake Champion Of The East

12 April

It’s said that food is a highly emotional affair so if it’s a question of where sells the best rendition of a Singapore hawker delight, it probably takes a lot of self-control to maintain a calm debate. One local favourite that could spark off such a heated discussion is the humble chye tow kway (fried carrot cake). To say which stall can satisfy the toughest tongue is a challenge...

Teo’s Noodle — Hugely Popular Fishball Noodles Only A Stone’s Throw Away From Bedok MRT

10 April

One thing that we are sure that most Singaporeans can unanimously agree on is that there is nothing more comforting out there than a bowl of fishball minced meat noodles. Teo’s noodle ticks off all the right boxes when it comes to that and their aim is to serve up solid bowls of fishball minced meat noodles at wallet-friendly prices....

Jefri – Muslim-Friendly “Orange” Chicken Rice In Bedok

9 April

Chicken rice survives the endurance test in terms of being one of Singapore’s national favourites. There is no shortage of it being served hot, fragrant and tender for enjoyment but aside from the most convenient stall-next-door, it’s difficult to agree on which cook did it right—because many of them do. For Easties though, Jefri – The Original Botak Chicken Rice serves an interesting variation of the...