Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese – Mookata With Incredible Truffle and Rainbow Cheese Dips

22 February
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A fairly new addition to Geylang’s cluster of eateries is Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese—a Thai mookata-forward restaurant that is quite possibly the first of its kind to boast a stunning array of tantalising, innovative cheese dips along with the traditional Thai-style barbecue. Their buffet menu features a whole host of options from salmon, scallops to even jumbo prawns.

More premium items to enjoy here include crayfish, pork collar, smoked duck breast and so much more, but the highlight is still the cheese dips that they offer. Tuck into the likes of their Golden Salted Egg Cheese, Ladyboy Cheese as well as the widely acclaimed, Truffle Cheese.

The Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese buffet (S$29.90 per pax on a weekday, S$32.90 per pax on weekends) comes with free flow of drinks and ice cream, as well as a selection of sauces to elevate your meal with. From their smorgasbord of buffet items to choose from to their cheeky cheese dips and homely vibes, we were sold the moment we entered.



As their name suggests, the highlight of this humble mookata eatery belongs to the cheese dips that they offer. Boasting a selection of naughty cheese from their quirkily named, Ladyboy Cheese, Golden Salted Egg Cheese, Tom Yum Cheese, and even Mentaiko Cheese, you’d be hard-pressed to pass on this!

The grill itself allows 4 kinds of cheese to be added at a time and the buffet allows diners an unlimited amount of cheese dips—all of which can be swapped out for another flavour at any point in time during the buffet.

A hit among many and one of the more popular mainstay cheese sauces here is their exclusive Truffle Cheese. Gloopy, savoury and redolent of strong truffle aromas, this is one cheese dip that’s easy to go heavy on.

Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese Rainbow Cheese


As part of the restaurant’s new initiative, they will be showcasing a ‘Cheese of the Month’, which means that diners will always have something to look forward to each time they visit.

The cheese of this month is none other than the picturesque Rainbow Cheese. Colourful, stringy and an absolute treat to smother your food with, this is one cheese dip that we can already envision flooding our Instagram feeds.

Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese Seafood

Did we mention that Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese is one of the rare few mookata spots in Singapore that features premium seafood on their buffet menu? We kid you not, we are talking about unlimited servings of fresh salmon slices, crayfish and so much more!

Ladyboy Mookacheese Jumbo Prawns


A real treat to behold, the colossal Jumbo Prawns is a new item on their buffet menu that comes with an additional top-up of S$5. Tender, sweet and outrageously juicy, this bad boy is one we would indulge in again and again.

It comes with a small serving of mozzarella cheese on the side that you can sprinkle over top as it cooks to allow it all to melt gorgeously over the prawn. Aside from being a pretty sight, it gives the prawns a creamy finish and an additional layer of flavour.

Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese Seafood Balls

When it comes to hot pots or mookata, there is just something so alluring about meat or seafood balls. Here at Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese, you will find no shortage of these roundish delights. We particularly enjoyed their cheesy salmon ball as well as their lobster ball.

Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese Buffet Items

A Thai mookata would not quite be the same without protein. From the sizzle of raw flesh on a screaming hot grill to the charred aromas of seared-off fat, meat and seafood are a quintessential component to any barbecue and believe us when we say that the extensive selection of meat and seafood here will impress.

New on their buffet menu is the Smoked Duck Breast. Tender, smoky and served with a decent amount of fat, putting one of these bad boys on the grill makes for one heck of a delicious treat—the aroma of rendered duck fat is simply divine.

Ladyboy Mookacheese Mookata

Ordering the mookata buffet here is a pretty fuss-free and straightforward affair. All their meats and vegetable items are plated to order and you will not go wrong with the ‘chef recommendations’ which include the Ladyboy Pork Collar and the Jumbo Prawns.

Ladyboy Mookacheese Yuan Yang Hot Pot


For an additional S$5, you can choose to go for the full works with their Personal Yuan Yang Steamboat Soup that comes with mouth-watering red tom yum and chicken broth. A good change of pace from all of that barbecue and cheese, the steamboat option is great for savouring the natural sweet qualities of the shellfish.

Ladyboy Mookacheese Ice Cream


After you’re done with dinner, why not refresh your palate with some ice cream. There are a total of 5 flavours—chocolate chip, salted caramel, Thai milk tea, red bean and milo—to choose from and they all come in unlimited portions—so go crazy!


Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese delivers right to your doorstep! They offer 4 different sets (4-5 pax S$118, 6-8 pax S$168, 10-12 pax S$198, 14-16 pax $238) and the food will be delivered to you in foam and thermal boxes to ensure freshness. Mookata grill, BBQ gas stove and utensils will be provided and delivery is at a flat fee of S$15 (no charge for store pick-up) from 3pm to 6pm daily. Orders are to be placed at least 2 days in advance.

Dinner Buffet
Monday to Thursday
Adult: S$29.90
Child: S$15.90

Fri to Sun & PH
Adult: S$32.90
Child: S$15.90

Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese
644 Geylang Lorong 40
Singapore 389574
Tel: +65 6743 0378/+65 9062 6953
Mon to Fri: 6pm – 1am
Sat: 5pm – 2am
Sun: 5pm – 1am
Nearest Station: Paya Lebar

This post was brought to you by Ladyboy Moo-Ka-Cheese.

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