Easy Chatuchak Beef Noodle – A Hidden Thai Noodle Joint In MacPherson

28 August
Easy Chatuchak Noodles Collage

Located just a short walk away from MacPherson station, there is a fairly hidden coffee shop that you would probably only ever venture to if you happen to work around the area. Said coffee shop houses a number of noteworthy stalls but one such stall that serves up incredible Thai noodles, is Easy Chatuchak Beef Noodle.

Easy Chatuchak Beef Noodles serves both traditional and modern styles of Thai noodle dishes with a heavy emphasis on authenticity and full-on flavour. We got a taste of their beef noodles as well as their fusion pasta dish, and we were far from disappointed.

Easy Chatuchak Beef Noodles Menu

When you order the Beef Noodle (S$6), you are given a choice of noodles. You can either pick their Full Egg Noodles, Thai Glass Noodles or Instant Noodles. For the most authentic experience, we recommend going for the Thai Glass Noodles. The noodles are springy and soft and do not turn mushy even after they’ve been sitting in the broth for a while.

The dish is served with thin strips of beef, a beef ball, chunks of beef shank, radish and loads of fresh vegetables. While the portion is substantial as it is, one also has the option of adding on various ingredients such as extra noodles or beef slices that are priced between S$0.50 to S$1.50.

Easy Chatuchak Noodles

The highlight of this bowl of noodles would certainly be the flavourful broth. It is tangy and just salty enough. You will be glad to note that it is not that oily. The broth also clings to the ingredients which make the entire dish more enjoyable.

If you love spicy food, you will particularly enjoy mixing in some of the stall’s chilli. Just a small bit packs a powerful punch so we recommend that you go easy with it.

Easy Chatuchak Beef Noodles

Despite its name, Easy Chatuchak Beef Noodles does not only sell Beef Noodles. They also have Pad Mama with Egg (S$5.50)—their take on pad thai—and Tom Yam Pasta which is another must-try at the stall, especially if you’re looking for something that is more hearty with a tangier kick.

Easy Chatuchak Pasta

The Tom Yam pasta (S$7) comes with pork or prawns. We went for the popular pork version. The dish comes with generous slices of pork, basil leaves and cherry tomatoes. The pasta is served al dente and is tangy and spicy. However, the slices of pork were a tad dry and chewy and we did feel that it would be better if they were served in smaller chunks rather than full slices which are difficult to incorporate into every bite.

While it is not a particularly complex dish, what makes it stand out is the spice. This pasta dish is certainly not meant for people who can’t take spicy food as the heat that sets in is one of those that stings hard.

Easy Chatuchak Tom Yum Pasta

While the food here is delicious, it is not the most ideal to have if you’re looking for a simple workday lunch considering its steep prices. But if you’re truly a fanatic when it comes to Thai food, then definitely give this a go.

Easy Chatuchak Beef Noodle
18B Circuit Rd, Singapore 372018
Tel: +65 9771 6227
Daily: 12pm- 9pm
Nearest Station: Macpherson

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