Changi Famous Nasi Lemak – Fluffy Nasi and Crispy Chicken Wings That Are Worth Travelling For

22 April
Changi Famous Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak holds a significant spot in our hearts as it is one of our hawker-favourites, we believe it’s the same for most. A wholesome meal made up of a fragrant bed of coconut rice with savoury fried items and complemented with the sambal that we cannot do without.

Changi Famous Nasi Lemak distinguishes itself from other nasi lemak stalls in Changi Village Food Centre with its bright green plate that is shaped like a leaf. But how about their food? Does it stand out? Here’s our take on Changi Famous Nasi Lemak.

Changi Famous Nasi Lemak Chicken

Changi Famous Nasi Lemak’s Set 3 (S$3.50) comes with a fried chicken wing, fried egg, sambal and unlike the usual ikan bilis, theirs come with fried crumbs instead. The chicken wing was succulent, juicy and flavourful. Its batter had a good crunch and was well-seasoned, it was one of the better chicken wings as compared to other nasi lemak stalls.

The rice itself was very fluffy and soft! It felt like a bed of cotton but sadly, there were some clumps within and some parts of it were saltier. The sambal leaned towards the sweeter side and had very little spice, we would have preferred it be to more savoury and slightly spicier to be paired with the rice.

Changi Famous Nasi Lemak Ikan

Set 2 (S$3.50) has the same toppings, except with fried fish. The fried egg was a little overcooked on this plate that it turned a bit too tough. However, the fish was fried till golden with a little moisture retained within the meaty fish. The fried crumbs that came along with it added a nice crunch in every bite, and was actually a good pair with the sweet sambal paste – a sweet and savoury combination.

Changi Famous Nasi Lemak Front Stall

There were hits and misses for Changi Famous Nasi Lemak, but overall, we think that it is worth a try for their fluffy rice and crispy chicken wings; being one of the better chicken wings as compared to their competing nasi lemak stalls there.

Changi Famous Nasi Lemak
2 Changi Village Rd
#01-28 Changi Food Village
Singapore 500002
Daily: 24 hours

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