Cahaya Muslim Restaurant — Affordable Halal Food At Far East Plaza With Meals For Less Than S$5

12 March
Cahaya Muslim Restaurant Cover Photo

So, you’re in town and you’re looking for Halal dining spots. Sure, there’s a handful of options but what if 4Fingers or McDonald’s just doesn’t cut it? Maybe a plate of saucy noodles or chicken rice will do the trick.

If you’re on the hunt for Halal Chinese cuisine in the Orchard area, set your sights on Cahaya Muslim Restaurant. This Muslim eatery on Level 5 of Far East Plaza is one of the few Halal options in the shopping centre, along with Puncak Muslim Food located just beside it.

This place is popular for their Chinese-style dishes, although they also offer a small range of Malay delights. You could easily get a hearty meal here for less than $5, which is a real steal especially when you’re in town!

We arrived during the lunch hour but thankfully, it was really easy to get seats. Service was quick and prompt, with a friendly makcik speedily taking down our orders.

We ordered their Stewed Beef Noodles, Hotplate Beef Noodles and Roasted Chicken Rice.

Cahaya Muslim Restaurant Stewed Beef Noodles

Their Stewed Beef Noodles (S$5) were doused in a sticky, brown gravy and topped with beef slices and chye sim. While the beef slices were tender and moist, the gravy leaned towards the blander side. This dish didn’t have much to shout about.

Cahaya Muslim Restaurant Hotplate Beef Noodles

Their Hotplate Beef Noodles (S$5) was a little more promising. The silky ee-fu noodles sat on an enticing layer of fried egg, drenched in sizzling gravy. However, it seemed like they used the same starchy gravy as that of the Stewed Beef Noodles. The dish could definitely have done with more seasoning.

Cahaya Muslim Restaurant Roasted Chicken Rice

The Roasted Chicken Rice (S$4.50) featured a chopped fried chicken wing on a bed of fluffy rice. The chicken was nicely seasoned and lightly battered. Sadly, it was let down by its dry, tough texture. It would have been a pretty decent dish if the chicken was juicier and crispier.

Cahaya Muslim Restaurant Exterior

Although we weren’t that impressed by their grub, we have to give them credit for their filling portions. Because their menu is so extensive, maybe their other dishes would have fared better.

Cahaya Muslim Restaurant
14 Scotts Rd, Far East Plaza, #05-91/92
Singapore 228213
Tel: +65 6734 8434
Daily: 11.30am – 9pm
Nearest Station: Orchard

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