925 Yishun Hainanese Chicken Rice – One Of The Best Chicken Rice Stalls in Singapore

25 September
925 yishun chicken rice cover

As Singaporeans, we can say that chicken rice is one of those dishes we will never get tired of eating. The comforting warm rice topped with silky smooth chicken and that addictive sesame soy sauce… There’s just something nostalgic about chicken rice that makes you feel great eating it.

We definitely found an amazing rendition of this Singaporean dish in an unlikely place – Yishun. Just a stone’s throw away from the MRT station, the Hainanese Chicken Rice at 925 Yishun might just be one of the best chicken rice dishes we have ever savoured.

chicken rice 925 yishun 2

We ordered a Chicken Rice for 2 (S$8). The set comes with freshly sliced chicken drenched in a delicious sesame soy sauce, fragrant rice and a homemade broth. We appreciated the fact that they were very liberal with the gravy.

The chicken was fork-tender and super silky. Once you put the chicken in your mouth, it simply falls apart oh so satisfyingly! Pro tip: To fully enjoy the chicken, coat it thoroughly with the savoury sauce and eat it without rice to really savour the flavour of the chicken.

chicken rice 925 yishun 4

After you’ve tasted the chicken by itself, have it with a spoonful of the fragrant steamed chicken rice. It’s so flavourful and perfectly paired with the sesame soy sauce and succulent chicken meat.

Finish it off with the chicken bone broth and you’ll be left rubbing your tummies in satisfaction after this comforting meal!

Blk 1#01-249
925 Yishun Central
Daily: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Yishun

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