Whole Roasted Duck For Only S$16 At Yan Chuan Roaster

23 July
Yuan Chuan Roaster Roast Duck

Many would assume Ubi to be an industrial estate – which it is – but word has gotten around that it also happens to be home to a number of roast meat factories and suppliers, and one notable stall that sells roast meats for incredibly cheap is Yan Chuan Roaster.

A whole roast duck sold at just S$16 might sound a little too good to be true and many might be sceptical as to whether it is even legit or not. To appease the sceptics, you have our word that their roast duck is of an exceptional standard. In fact, this factory actually supplies roast meats to many food stalls across the island and tastes just like how any decent hawker stall roast duck would taste.

Located just a short walk away from Macpherson MRT at Ubi Avenue 2, there is no reason why anyone should skimp on such an insane deal like this.

Yuan Chuan Roaster Char Siew

Photo Credit: Yong Jia

Yuan Chuan Roaster Roast Pork Belly
Photo Credit: Yong Jia

Besides roast duck, roast pork and char siew, Yan Chuan Roaster also offers pork ribs, sausages, and bak kwa. The stallholders will also happily cut up your whole roast duck into manageable portions there and then.

We absolutely love how perfectly roasted the duck is – there are hardly any severely burnt parts yet the skin is decadently smoky and crispy. The spices and seasonings are rubbed deep into the cavity of the duck to ensure that the meat itself is fragrant and flavourful. The strong aroma of 5-spice powder really does well to mask the gaminess of the duck and the crispy, slightly charred skin really adds a whole new depth of flavour.

Unlike many roast ducks that are really fatty with thick layers of greasy fats underneath the skin, the roast duck sold at Yan Chuan Roaster is considerably lean. Most of the duck fat is rendered out during slow roasting but it still contains a decent amount of grease synonymous with any good roast duck. Despite the duck being slightly leaner than most, the meat (especially the breast area) is not dry at all which is another plus point.

Yuan Chuan Roaster Queue

Photo Credit: Jasmine Soh

If you happen to be in this part of Singapore, do not miss out on this incredible deal. S$16 for a whole roast duck is insane and it can only be found at Yan Chuan Roaster, but do be warned that word has spread so be prepared to queue for a long time.

Yan Chuan Roaster

Kampong Ubi Industrial Estate,
3020 Ubi Avenue 2, #01-111/113
Tel: +65 6747 2623
Daily: 7am – 6pm
Nearest Station: Macpherson

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