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Springleaf Prata Place – Over 50 Prata Choices That Are Worth The Calories

10 October

Springleaf Prata Place shot to popularity last year when among the Muslim community after a photo of their Murtaburger (a combination of Murtabak and burger patties) went viral on social media. Since then, Singaporeans have been flocking to all three of their outlets in Singapore to try their unique prata creations. Curious about the hype, we went down to their...

What West Siders Are Tired Of Hearing About Living In The West

30 June

Since Jurong is well known for its industrial activities, many of us who live in the western part of Singapore are sure to come across the same comments from those who do not live in the West. There are some of which we agree wholeheartedly but many more that makes us shake our heads in disbelief. Here are Eight Things...