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6 Ma La Places That Open After Midnight To Satisfy Your Cravings

6 February

Many food trends come and go in fickle Singapore but ma la may well be an exception. This Sichuan-inspired dish may not be a Singaporean invention but we can all agree that it is perhaps one of the top dishes that has taken over our nation by storm. This one-dish-wonder has experienced much hype over the past few years and...

8 Lok Lok Places In Singapore That Are Super Shiok!

4 September

When it comes to Lok Lok, there is no denying that the best places to get them are off travelling vans by the streets of bustling Johor Bahru and even Malacca. In fact, we dare say that it is mandatory to have Lok Lok whenever you visit one of the two places. For the uninitiated, Lok Lok is essentially a cross...