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Nan Tai Eating House – Unpretentious Simple Taiwanese Comfort Food

1 September

To most, Taiwan is known as the land of night markets, deep-fried goodies and shopping districts. Boasting such a vast selection of edible delights to feast on, it’s definitely hard to cope with the post-holiday blues. Should you find yourself missing their famous braised pork rice (lu rou fan) or oyster mee sua, Nan Tai Eating House over at Kim...

10 Lu Rou Fan In Singapore We Really Lu-rou-ve

11 December

Lu Rou Fan (滷肉饭) is one of the most beloved Taiwanese comfort foods that works wonders whenever we are feeling a little under the weather, or even on a regular basis when we are looking to for a satisfying meal to sate our ravishing hunger. A simple dish which is put together with braised marinated pork and steamed rice, Lu Rou...