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Old Airport Road Food Centre Guide – 11 Of Our Ultimate Must-Eats

17 July

Ask any foodie where some of the country’s best local eats can be found and many would point you towards Old Airport Road Food Centre. With over a hundred stalls in a colossal hawker complex, one would naturally be spoiled for choice. Whether you’re looking to start your day proper with a brilliantly brewed cup of kopi, or simply indulge in a...

Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House – DIY Popiah Buffet At S$18++ On Weekends

7 July

Popiah is popular local snack made up of a thin, paper-like crepe wrapper that is filled with braised, julienned vegetables as well as other toppings such as boiled eggs, prawns and crisps followed by a dash of garnishing. It is not difficult to find popiah around Singapore—be it coffee shops or eateries, you wouldn’t face many troubles when it comes to satisfying...