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10 Local Desserts Singaporeans Can’t Live Without

15 November

Photo Credit: healthguru Guess what Singaporeans would go crazy over? Sweet little desserts and treats to satisfy our sweet-tooth, that’s what! It does not matter whether we are talking about the launch of a new Bingsu stall or a Gelateria, you can eventually expect an exuberant response from the entire nation. However, despite the fad and the craze, we are still...

Koung’s Wan Tan Mee – Famous S$4 Wonton Mee In Aljunied

9 October

Commonly regarded one of Singapore’s best local foods, wonton mee has enjoyed widespread popularity for good reason. Be it for the noodles, chilli, char siew or the wonton, this simple yet classic dish will continue to remain as one of our favourite and go-to comfort foods in Singapore. And one of the best places to get some quality wonton mee without breaking the bank...