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8 No-Frills Roast Meat Places In Singapore For The Carnivores

9 August

People say that chicken soup is for the soul but we much rather have a plate of perfectly roasted meats any day. The crispy crackling skin, juicy meat and flavourful marinade get to us all the time. Oh yes, nothing beats devouring a roast pork, roast duck or char siew—you can have them during celebrations and even as comfort food....

Makanista – Food Court In Tampines With Mala Chicken Rice & Chicken Curry Pasta

7 June

Makanista is a local dining place located in Tampines Mall. If you were to just walk by, Makanista would seem like an ordinary food court. They serve a range of typical food court delights such as Western food, yong tau foo, chicken rice, prata and desserts. However, upon closer inspection, one would see that in addition to the typical food served, Makanista has added their...

10 Local Desserts Singaporeans Can’t Live Without

15 November

Photo Credit: healthguru Guess what Singaporeans would go crazy over? Sweet little desserts and treats to satisfy our sweet-tooth, that’s what! It does not matter whether we are talking about the launch of a new Bingsu stall or a Gelateria, you can eventually expect an exuberant response from the entire nation. However, despite the fad and the craze, we are still...