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Yummy Takoyaki – Halal Takoyaki Balls Drowning In Nacho Cheese

7 May

The Japanese takoyaki needs no further introduction—this delightful wheat-based snack can be found at many food stands and Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Given how ubiquitous takoyaki is, it is almost impossible to imagine that a food establishment is able to rise to fame by specialising only in that. But here comes Yummy Takoyaki—a halal takeaway stall in East Village opposite...

Burgs – Popular Halal Gourmet Burger Stall Opens At Viva Business Park

3 May

An initiative by Project Warung, Burgs is a Halal-certified gourmet burger stall that has been gaining a fair bit of attention among the young Muslim population for their quality burgers that are sold at affordable prices. Since the success of their first outlet at Golden Mile Complex, the team has opened yet another one at Viva Business Park—to the delight of...

10 Eats In Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre That East Siders Would Rather You Not Know

23 January

For those who live in the east, the Bedok area stands as a beacon of delightful and cheap eats especially with the likes of renowned hawker centres like Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre that has been around for such a long time. Having undergone a massive revamp some years back, Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre has upped its attractiveness in terms of...