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8 No-Frills Roast Meat Places In Singapore For The Carnivores

9 August

People say that chicken soup is for the soul but we much rather have a plate of perfectly roasted meats any day. The crispy crackling skin, juicy meat and flavourful marinade get to us all the time. Oh yes, nothing beats devouring a roast pork, roast duck or char siew—you can have them during celebrations and even as comfort food....

This Stall In Bukit Batok Serves Up Sensational Char Siew

17 January

As far as roasted meat goes, the best ones are the ones that boast a deeply roasted char with a caramelised sheen, tender meat with a decent amount of flavourful fat and more importantly, ones that will not cost an arm and a leg—that’s right, we are talking about char siew. Char siew is not something hard to find, in...

Whole Roasted Duck For Only S$16 At Yan Chuan Roaster

23 July

Many would assume Ubi to be an industrial estate – which it is – but word has gotten around that it also happens to be home to a number of roast meat factories and suppliers, and one notable stall that sells roast meats for incredibly cheap is Yan Chuan Roaster. A whole roast duck sold at just S$16 might sound a...