New Lucky Claypot Rice – Legendary Claypot Chicken Rice You Legit Must Try

10 May
Claypot Chicken Rice

One unbeatable hawker favourite in Singapore that we would frequently crave for is claypot chicken rice. There is something comforting about the dish—the combination of earthy, smoky and charred flavours from the ingredients that are cooked directly over burning charcoal. Oh yes, this is a local delicacy not to be missed!

For the uninitiated, one of the most famous claypot rice stalls in Singapore is New Lucky Claypot Rice at Holland Drive Market & Food Centre. In order to maintain the high standards of their claypot rice, rice is cooked from scratch upon order so you can imagine the long waiting time needed for your food to be served.

Does the taste of the food justify its waiting time of more than 45 minutes for walk-in customers? We went down personally to find out if New Lucky Claypot Rice is worth the hype.

New Lucky Claypot Rice Holland

As New Lucky Claypot Rice is notorious for its long queue, we called an hour in advance before heading over to the market and food was promptly served to us. Unless you are prepared to wait, we would strongly encourage you to make reservations early—especially over the weekends when the crowd is bigger.

The large bottles of oil and dark soy sauce sitting on the tables near the stall are for diners to add into their claypot rice. Go easy on the dark soy sauce as there is a generous portion of salted fish chunks in the dish. The aromatic rice went well with savoury lap cheong (Chinese sausages) and tender chicken meat.

New Lucky Claypot Rice

Prices range from S$10 to S$25, depending on the size of your group. Dining in a group of three, we felt that the S$10 portion was enough as we wanted to add on side dishes. However, hearty eaters may want to opt for a bigger serving instead.

New Lucky Vegetables

Complete your meal with other side dishes such as fresh oyster sauce vegetables (S$4-S$6) and steamed soup.

Our verdict? It is very unlikely that we will drop by the place as walk-in customers and wait in line but we would definitely make prior reservations and visit New Lucky Claypot Rice again for their food!

New Lucky Claypot Rice
Blk 44 Holland Drive
#02-19 Market & Food Center
Singapore 270044
Tel: +65 6778 7808
Daily (except Wed): 11am – 1pm, 5pm – 8pm
Wed: Closed
Nearest Station: Buona Vista

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