99 Bistro & Kitchen—Bamboo Biryani And Indian Food With A Twist At Paya Lebar

11 August
99 Bistro & Kitchen Bamboo Briyani Collage

99 Bistro & Kitchen is a casual Asian and continental bistro located at the Lifelong Learning Institute near Paya Lebar MRT. This canteen-like eatery serves up a myriad of innovative dishes from pasta to fries with an Indian twist but the dish that they are most notable for is their Bamboo Biryani.

This unique method of preparing a dish as iconic as biryani is sure to strike the right chords with fans of it. Imagine savoury spices, fragrant rice and a whole Australian lamb shank all compacted together in bamboo and cooked low and slow, allowing each and every ingredient to integrate with one another, creating a dish that is truly unlike any other.

99 Bistro & Kitchen Interior

The interior at 99 Bistro & Kitchen exudes a vibe similar to that of an industrial canteen with long tables and simple decor. The minute you enter, the first thing that greets you is a strong whiff of biryani and curry spices.

99 Bistro & Kitchen Bamboo Briyani 2

The Bamboo Biryani (S$24) serves 2 and it is essentially a lamb shank biryani cooked in bamboo trunks that are imported directly from India. The novelty of ordering this dish is having the chef come out and explain this dish to you before proceeding to knock the biryani out of the bamboo.

99 Bistro & Kitchen Bamboo Briyani

This lovely dish consists of a massive Australian lamb shank, cooked low and slow till fall-off-the-bone tender, Karachi spices, dum cooked with long grain basmati rice, butter and fresh mint. There is no better sensation than savouring the very first whiff of the intense aromas the second the dish is unveiled. Period.

The dish comes served with a boiled egg, raita an Arabic salsa called salata hara.

99 Bistro & Kitchen Drinks

One order of Bamboo Biryani comes with 2 complimentary house-made mocktails as well to wash down the intense spice at the end of your meal.

On a whole, we absolutely adore the earnest approach to cooking and unpretentious atmosphere at 99 Bistro & Kitchen. This is exactly how dining should be—no frills, just good food and chill vibes.

99 Bistro & Kitchen
11 Eunos Road 8 #01-02,
Singapore 408601
Tel: +65 6745 9958
(Closed on Sundays)
Mon to Sat: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Paya Lebar

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