10 Best Spots To Catch The F1 Grand Prix Race in Singapore

29 August

The annual F1 Grand Prix is coming again! Every September, this is something that gets fans all excited about. People from all over the world fly in to Singapore for the weekend races, but unfortunately, the tickets are snapped up fast and not all of us will have the privilege to catch them from the prime spots. Nevertheless, there are...

Kay Lee Roast Meat’s Former Owner Jailed For Avoiding S$55,000 Worth Of Taxes

29 August

Photo Credit: Fatboo Former Kay Lee Roast Meat’s owner Ha Wai Kay, 64 has been convicted of tax evasion that amount to nearly S$55,000 by under-declaring sales by more than S$325,000 in 2009 and 2010. He was the original owner of the chain before the brand was sold to the Aztech Group in 2014.

41 Zika Virus Cases Confirmed In Singapore

28 August

Photo Credit: Reuters The Singapore health authorities have confirmed 41 cases of Zika virus infection in the country. Out of these cases, 34 have since recovered and the remaining seven patients are now under Tan Tock Seng hospital’s care. Majority of these cases include 36 foreign construction workers in the Aljunied Crescent or Sims Drive area. They are reported to...

8 Most Ridiculous Pokémon Go Stories That Will Make You Laugh

26 August

Image: www.theverge.com We are all familiar with the one game that has been taking over pretty much everyone’s lives. Yes, Pokémon Go has taken over the world. While the game has made the creators at Niantic very happy, people are constantly discussing about how hazardous the game can get. When Pokémon Go was first launched in Singapore, it took the country...

Self-Driving Taxis Have Arrived in Singapore

25 August

Today marks the inaugural debut of the world’s first self-driving cabs in Singapore. These self-operated taxis are operated by startup nuTonomy and only six cars have been launched. It is said that the number of cars will most likely increase to 12 by the end of 2016. Technology has outdone itself and we are thrilled by this piece of revolutionary...

Dubai To Unveil World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park This Month

24 August

There is much excitement in the air as everyone is discussing the latest attraction that is set to open in Dubai – which will be the world’s largest indoor theme park. Be ready to take on 20 fun rides and attractions, which includes live shows and a 5D cinema experience. Get ready to book your next flight out to Dubai because...

10 Things You Might Not Know About The Late Mr. S. R. Nathan

23 August

Singapore’s former president Mr S.R. Nathan suffered a stroke and was hospitalised in Singapore General Hospital since 31 July 2016, and he had passed away peacefully last night at age 92; Singapore has lost a true son. He was a man loved by many, for he was the People’s President. He led a full life by serving Singapore and its people....

Former Singapore President SR Nathan’s State Funeral

22 August

Former President SR Nathan passed away peacefully on Monday, 22 August in Singapore General Hospital at 9.48pm. He was 92. On 31 July, Mr Nathan had been warded into the Intensive Care Unit for a serious case of stroke. The Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement, saying that he was in critical condition. The sixth and longest serving President of...

Singapore Visitors Can Enjoy Free WIFI Services When Traveling To U.S. Cities!

22 August

Starting from today till 21 September 2016, Singapore visitors who are traveling to the United States of America can enjoy free WIFI services on the streets as part of a trial scheme! As long as you are a customer of a Singaporean telecom and will be in San Francisco, New York and San Jose during this period, all 1,000 WIFI...

6 Ways To Escape The Corporate Environment #NotACorporateRat

21 August

So you’ve been holding a 9-to-5 job for years now, and you realise this corporate rat race is not fun at all. You go through the daily grind of waking up at 6am, getting to work, chasing deadlines, and counting the hours down till you knock off. The next day, the cycle repeats. You have no life at all. When you...